Earth Day Invite

Join the Earth Day Earth Celebration at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm and experience some of the wonders of nature, music, art, culture and eco-science. Everyone is invited and its free. Showing episodes of Frozen Planet; decorating planters with kids; making wildflower seed bombs. Learn about the Red Wiggler worm that eats garbage and makes the Earth better and everything you ever wanted to know about compost. For those who like dogs better than worms we are a dog friendly farm. Bring your best 4-legged friend on a leash. See the cow and calf and the chickens. We are showing the movie “FROZEN PLANET.” Go on hay rides, join the drum circle. Come with a friend and bring family, Apr. 28, 10am – 3pm. There is a Re-Use Market starting at 9 AM. Space is available for exhibitors and vendors.