Earth Day Celebration Promotes Greener Living

fortreeditions1-300x226Every day is Earth Day on a farm and a farm is the ideal place to celebrate Earth Day.

Get outside, enjoy spring and learn simple things you can do to create a healthy environment. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s Earth Day Celebration on Apr. 28 from 10 AM to 3 PM, reaches out to the community to join in this free event. Be entertained and inspired to learn ways to reuse, reduce, conserve and preserve. This community event is good for people of all ages.

The farm is located at 999 US 22, Phillipsburg NJ, just 2.5 miles from exit 3 off I-78.

Learn about composting, planting and gardening, see a movie, take a hay ride, attend workshops, do arts & crafts for kids, tour the 1780’s farmhouse, unused things become something new at the REUse Market.

A REUse Market begins at 9 AM. The goal of the Market is to keep reusable materials and equipment, as well as useful personal or household items out of landfills. Anyone who has good things to sell, trade or give is welcome as a vendor. Anyone who makes things from reused materials is especially welcome. Farm related items are a plus. The price of a table and space to vend benefits America’s Grow-a-Row. Contact the farmer’s wife, Cynthia Curtis, at 908-387-1225, for more information about the REUse Market.

Expert Christmas tree farmer, John Curtis, is your host. He is here to answer questions and show you around the farm. “We’re planting every day, Earth Day included,” says John. Warren County soil and weather is good for growing evergreens. He grows 45 varieties. “I know what these trees want and need and I’m always willing to share what I’ve learned about growing them,” he says. “Once you know how to plant them and where, they will most likely thrive.” He is giving a free Norway Spruce seedling and clear instruction on how and where to plant it, to the first 50 guests to arrive.

Earth Science educator, Carmen Pirotte, brings her broad knowledge of environmental science to teach adults and children about the many aspects of outdoor composting and vermicomposting with Eisenia foetida, Red Wiggler worms. Carmen captivates children with her box of worms. Love them or hate them, the children learn about soil composition and respect for even the tiniest creatures, in a lesson they won’t soon forget. Her lessons are informal and fun.
Plastic tubs make excellent worm habitat and red wigglers live happily on vegetable scraps, paper and water. Reuse keeps these containers out of landfills and provided a place where worms eat garbage and cast off rich nutrients that enrich the soil.

Learn how to make a worm habitat and have worms eat your garbage. Your reward is valuable fertilizer for the earth. Carmen is at the farm from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM to share her know-how.

Leena Waite of America’s Grow-a-Row delivers an educational slide presentation, beginning at 10 AM. America’s Grow-a-Row, founded in New Jersey in 2002, has donated 1.4 million pounds of fresh food to supply food pantries and food banks in NJ and PA. In addition to providing healthy food for the hungry, America’s Grow-a-Row raises awareness about hunger and poverty and teaches children about farming and healthy eating. America’s Grow-a-Row’s 1,700+ volunteers advocate and support local farms and reduce waste by gleaning. Washington Community Garden, 4-H clubs and other eco-friendly organizations and people are here to share information that helps the community.

It’s only right to get your hands dirty on Earth Day. Learn how to make Seed Bombs. These little balls made of red clay, wildflower seeds, organic fertilizer and water, mixed in proper proportions, are a complete environment for growing non-invasive wildflowers on hard to reach land. Seed Bombs need only the rain to germinate and explode into an array of colorful flowers. Scatter them on hard to cultivate plots of land and watch them grow, year after year. Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese microbiologist and soil scientist considered the founder of ‘Natural Farming’, inspired this simplified approach to gardening.

Attend a showing of the movie “Frozen Planet.” It is a visual gift from the BBC to our community. The epic journey to the greatest wilderness on Earth is spectacular. Admission to our Make-Do Theater is free. The movie runs continuously from 12 to 3 PM.

Earth Day gives us a special time to appreciate our world and reminds us that it is important to keep our soil, air and water clean. Honor all things green and sustainable at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s Earth Day Celebration. Music and local food complete the attractions.

Enjoy a great day of learning and fun designed for the family. Visit our farm animal: a cow and a calf, chickens and a pet goat. Bring your dog on a leash and enjoy a wonderful day at the farm.