Earth Day Adds Millions to Lopatcong

United States Department Of Agriculture Awards Grant At Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

Phillipsburg NJ, April 16, 2011 — Earth Day helps people remember that the planet Earth needs care. When people work together plants, animals, and people live healthy lives. Earth Day gives us a special time to appreciate our world and reminds us of the importance of keeping our soil, air and water clean. Enjoy a great day of learning, and fun designed for the Warren County community. Celebrate all things green and sustainable at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s annual Earth Day event on April 23, between 10 AM & 3 PM. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is conveniently located at 999 US 22, in Phillipsburg NJ. They host a full day of activities for nature enthusiasts.

The highlight of the day is the 11:00 AM presentation of a multi-million dollar check from the United States Department of Agriculture to the city of Lopatcong for construction of a new pumping station. Earth Day is the perfect time to focus on current challenges and opportunities relating to water quality and storm water management. How our tax dollars are working in the community is good news for the citizens of Lopatcong and good for clean water and the earth. Dignataries from the USDA and NJDA and state and local government will be on hand. An exhibit provided by the city explains how a new pumping station works.

Other activities are designed for both individuals and families, for young and old, including the family dog. The movies ‘Mad City Chickens’ about backyard poultry and ‘FLOW’, an award winner about safe drinking water play continuously throughout the day. Walk in an out of our Garage Theater and take in the movies in bits or sit through the entire performance. Either way you learn something more about our Earth.

Washington Community Garden members are on hand to teach anyone willing to get their hands dirty, how to make seed bombs. This complete habitat, made of red clay, wildflower seeds and organic fertilizer, mixed in correct proportions needs only the rain to germinate and explode into an array of wildflowers. Scatter them on hard to cultivate plots of land and watch flowers grow, year after year. Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese microbiologist and soil scientist who is considered the founder of ‘Natural Farming’, inspired this simplified approach.
Earth Science educator Carmen Pirotte brings a wealth of information about indoor and outdoor composting. She captivates children with her box of worms. Love them or hate them, the children learn about enriching the earth in a lesson they won’t soon forget.

Professional Illustrator and long time recycling organizer, Susan Dietrich, travels from NYC to do Earth Day crafts with children. Using discarded items and imagination everyday disposables like milk cartons, cereal boxes and old magazine are transformed into birdhouses and mobiles with a little paint and glue. Children express their creativity while learning to reuse things usually wasted in the trash. You will be surprised to see what can recycle.
A Swap Meet where people come out to do some old fashioned bartering benefits the Highlands Tourism Partnership. Barter services and goods for other things, with other people. It’s a great way to meet people in the community, to learn about their interests and abilities. Goods for goods; services for services; services for goods and goods for services, and if you can’t trade, you can always buy and sell.

The musical group, The Twin River Rounders, 4 players, banjo, guitar stand up bass, mandolin, and slide guitar, entertain from 11 AM till 2 PM. There is an open invitation to local musicians to bring their instruments to the Earth Day Celebration and make music around the farm.

There are also hayrides into Perfect Christmas tree fields to learn about the 45 varieties of Christmas Trees growing here.
Bring the dog on a leash and remember to bring pick-up bags. Canine behaviorist, Robert Hafer demonstrates positive training methods and Canine Good Citizen trials start at noon. Bring the old folks. The 1780’s stone farmhouse, open to tour, is a perfect place to sit and rest, awhile. The children are bound to enjoy the Hayrides and Easter Egg Hunt.

Many people call Earth Day the beginning of the modern environmental movement. It first was held April 22, 1970. Now, 41 years later, the mission of the Earth Day Celebration at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm on April 23, 2011, is nearly the same. It is to foster a greater level of environmental stewardship in the community, to promote eco-friendly living and to inspire people to practice a greener lifestyle to improve the environment, and appreciate nature more. This Earth Day, celebrate the planet we live on with good food and great people. Round up some friends and connect with nature and become better stewards of our planet.

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is owned and run by John and Cynthia Curtis, the farmer and his wife. They work the farm and live their dream, and invite you to share in its deep history and natural beauty. Contact Cynthia or John by telephone at 908-387-1225 or by email at

April 28, 2012 — Earth Day Celebration

Third Annual Earth Day Celebration

Plan to attend our third Annual Earth Day Celebration on Sat. April 28 starting at 10 AM. As we have in the past, we are showing free Environmental Movies in the Garage Theater. Our visiting Earth Science teacher is here answers questions about composting with ‘Red Wiggler Worms,’ and matters of enriching the earth. Seed Bomb from last year were a success so we’ll be making more. New perennial flowers appeared in Summer in places around the farm where we tossed the ‘Bombs.’ The folks from Washington Community Garden are joined by the 4H to share gardening experiences and share vegetable seeds with you. Our artist friend is here again to do arts and craft with children ingeniously reusing, everyday throw-away objects. And there is music and hay rides and house tours all day long. Free Seedling For The First 50 Visitors!!!

‘Reuse-Recycle-Reduce SWAP MEET’

Trade what you have, that you no longer use. Sell what you make from recycled things.
Vendors Wanted. Tables Provided. Contact the farm at 908-387-1225.

Earth Day REUse Market

Earth Day Red Wiggler Worms, Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, Phillipsburg NJ
Earth Day Red Wiggler Worms, Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, Phillipsburg NJ
Each year we celebrate Earth Day at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, in Phillipsburg NJ. The Earth Day Celebration, Apr. 28, 2012, is a community event designed to educate and benefit everyone who attends. The event encourages environmentally aware behaviors such as recycling, using energy efficiently, learning about agriculture, enriching the earth and growing vegetables and flowers.

Highlights of the day include:

  • Hay rides around the Christmas tree farm
  • Tours of the circa 1780 farmhouse
  • REC Solar Exhibit
  • Free Movies about environmental issues
  • Arts and Crafts for kids, using reusable household items.
  • Making ‘Seed Bombs,’ and doing Gorilla Gardening
  • ‘Red Wiggler Worm Show’ with Earth Science educator
  • Food and music

This year I’m organizing a ‘ReUse Market,’ for our annual event. I invite everyone who has good things to give, sell or trade, to set up shop. Anyone who makes things from reused materials is especially welcome. Farm related items are a plus.

Please contact me at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, 999 US 22, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 or by email at or by phone at 908-387-1225.

Celebrate Earth Day, Apr. 28, 2012

EDhayride1-300x200A farm visit is the ideal Earth Day activity. Share the positive message of Earth Day with our community. Learn to enjoy and protect our earth, air and water. Take this wonderful opportunity to reach kids, parents and teachers with free workshops, movies and activities. Enjoy arts and crafts for children, 1780’s farm-house tour, hayrides, healthy exercise and a new REUse Market at this 3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration, Saturday, April 28, 2012. We invite all people of every age, race and economic status. We are a dog friendly farm so bring your four-legged friend on a leash.

Earth Day Celebration Promotes Greener Living

fortreeditions1-300x226Every day is Earth Day on a farm and a farm is the ideal place to celebrate Earth Day.

Get outside, enjoy spring and learn simple things you can do to create a healthy environment. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s Earth Day Celebration on Apr. 28 from 10 AM to 3 PM, reaches out to the community to join in this free event. Be entertained and inspired to learn ways to reuse, reduce, conserve and preserve. This community event is good for people of all ages.

The farm is located at 999 US 22, Phillipsburg NJ, just 2.5 miles from exit 3 off I-78.

Learn about composting, planting and gardening, see a movie, take a hay ride, attend workshops, do arts & crafts for kids, tour the 1780’s farmhouse, unused things become something new at the REUse Market.

A REUse Market begins at 9 AM. The goal of the Market is to keep reusable materials and equipment, as well as useful personal or household items out of landfills. Anyone who has good things to sell, trade or give is welcome as a vendor. Anyone who makes things from reused materials is especially welcome. Farm related items are a plus. The price of a table and space to vend benefits America’s Grow-a-Row. Contact the farmer’s wife, Cynthia Curtis, at 908-387-1225, for more information about the REUse Market.

Expert Christmas tree farmer, John Curtis, is your host. He is here to answer questions and show you around the farm. “We’re planting every day, Earth Day included,” says John. Warren County soil and weather is good for growing evergreens. He grows 45 varieties. “I know what these trees want and need and I’m always willing to share what I’ve learned about growing them,” he says. “Once you know how to plant them and where, they will most likely thrive.” He is giving a free Norway Spruce seedling and clear instruction on how and where to plant it, to the first 50 guests to arrive.

Earth Science educator, Carmen Pirotte, brings her broad knowledge of environmental science to teach adults and children about the many aspects of outdoor composting and vermicomposting with Eisenia foetida, Red Wiggler worms. Carmen captivates children with her box of worms. Love them or hate them, the children learn about soil composition and respect for even the tiniest creatures, in a lesson they won’t soon forget. Her lessons are informal and fun.
Plastic tubs make excellent worm habitat and red wigglers live happily on vegetable scraps, paper and water. Reuse keeps these containers out of landfills and provided a place where worms eat garbage and cast off rich nutrients that enrich the soil.

Learn how to make a worm habitat and have worms eat your garbage. Your reward is valuable fertilizer for the earth. Carmen is at the farm from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM to share her know-how.

Leena Waite of America’s Grow-a-Row delivers an educational slide presentation, beginning at 10 AM. America’s Grow-a-Row, founded in New Jersey in 2002, has donated 1.4 million pounds of fresh food to supply food pantries and food banks in NJ and PA. In addition to providing healthy food for the hungry, America’s Grow-a-Row raises awareness about hunger and poverty and teaches children about farming and healthy eating. America’s Grow-a-Row’s 1,700+ volunteers advocate and support local farms and reduce waste by gleaning. Washington Community Garden, 4-H clubs and other eco-friendly organizations and people are here to share information that helps the community.

It’s only right to get your hands dirty on Earth Day. Learn how to make Seed Bombs. These little balls made of red clay, wildflower seeds, organic fertilizer and water, mixed in proper proportions, are a complete environment for growing non-invasive wildflowers on hard to reach land. Seed Bombs need only the rain to germinate and explode into an array of colorful flowers. Scatter them on hard to cultivate plots of land and watch them grow, year after year. Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese microbiologist and soil scientist considered the founder of ‘Natural Farming’, inspired this simplified approach to gardening.

Attend a showing of the movie “Frozen Planet.” It is a visual gift from the BBC to our community. The epic journey to the greatest wilderness on Earth is spectacular. Admission to our Make-Do Theater is free. The movie runs continuously from 12 to 3 PM.

Earth Day gives us a special time to appreciate our world and reminds us that it is important to keep our soil, air and water clean. Honor all things green and sustainable at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s Earth Day Celebration. Music and local food complete the attractions.

Enjoy a great day of learning and fun designed for the family. Visit our farm animal: a cow and a calf, chickens and a pet goat. Bring your dog on a leash and enjoy a wonderful day at the farm.

Earth Day Invite

Join the Earth Day Earth Celebration at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm and experience some of the wonders of nature, music, art, culture and eco-science. Everyone is invited and its free. Showing episodes of Frozen Planet; decorating planters with kids; making wildflower seed bombs. Learn about the Red Wiggler worm that eats garbage and makes the Earth better and everything you ever wanted to know about compost. For those who like dogs better than worms we are a dog friendly farm. Bring your best 4-legged friend on a leash. See the cow and calf and the chickens. We are showing the movie “FROZEN PLANET.” Go on hay rides, join the drum circle. Come with a friend and bring family, Apr. 28, 10am – 3pm. There is a Re-Use Market starting at 9 AM. Space is available for exhibitors and vendors.


Plant Earth Day Awareness on a Jersey Farm

Help Power the Moment

Bellamy-Seed-Bomb-2-PS-300x225211-300x225Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is teaming up with the community to create an event that inspires a commitment to preserving the natural environment. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm calls on everyone to come out on April 28, and take part in all the fun learning activities happening throughout the day.

It all begins with a Reuse Market starting a 9:00 AM. Vendors and exhibitors line the path to the “Make-do Theater” where starting at 10:00 AM a presentation by Leena Waite of America’s Grow-a-Row and at noon, a showing of the movie “Frozen Planet,” begins.

Polar bear leads cubs. Still photo from Frozen Planet.
Polar bear leads cubs. Still photo from Frozen Planet.

Children’s Arts and Crafts lead by Leah Lauback of Kid Coral at the Warren County Farmer’s Fair helps youngsters decorate discarded metal cans and fill them with strawberries plants. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm created an original Earth Day coloring book, perfect for the youngest children.

In the barn find the Drum Circle, beating heart pounding rhythms that anyone can join in. Joining professional drummer and teacher, Ejvind Boccolini, Drum Circle leader, are members of the Phillipsburg Community Drum Circle, Drums On Fire. No musical experience is required to participate in this very informal musical experience. Anyone may start a rhythm.

Warren County Freeholder Richard Gardner is bringing his grown children’s 4 H project, a cow and her calf. There is also a goat and some chickens as well as chicken eggs hatching in an incubator, for everyone to see.

The 1780 stone farmhouse is open to tour all day. Make Seed Bombs in the original kitchen, in front of the 9 ft stone hearth. These balls, made of heirloom wildflower seeds from D. Landreth Seed Company, red clay, worm castings and water is a technique of natural farming developed by Japanese microbiologist Masanobu Fukuoka in 1938.

Learning about worms Earth Day 2011
Learning about worms Earth Day 2011

Carmen Pirotte of Earth Worms Plus conducts a workshop on the side porch. Recycled plastic tubs donated by Greenwich Shop Rite and the Pohatcong Stop & Shop are repurposed as vermicompost bins. Make one and take it home and have worms eat your garbage. They cast off rich organic fertilizer for the Earth.

A speaker’s corner, soap box and all, is set-up near where the hay wagon picks up passengers. Take the microphone to voice your opinion or speak your mind for up to 5 minutes.

The hay ride through fields where 42 varieties of Christmas trees are growing, begins every hour or more often, if needed. Walk the fields on foot for healthy exercise. Bring a four-legged friend on a leash. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is a dog friendly farm. Food is available or bring your own picnic lunch.

Be one of the first 50 to come to the Earth Day Celebration and get a free Norway Spruce transplant. Join your community leaders, 4-H clubs, boy and girl scout groups and garden clubs, already on board. Be a part of the Billion Acts Of Green and raise awareness of our love for and duty to our planet Earth.

The farm is centrally located at 999 US 22, in Loptcong, NJ. Take Interstate 78 to exit 3 and go 2.5 miles. Parking is free. For more information go to or call 908-387-1225.

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