Christmas Shop & Museum

Christmas Tree Farm Dog on the Porch
The store is full of Christmas trees decorated for the season
The store is full of Christmas trees decorated for the season

The golden glow of Christmas surrounds you in our one-of-a-kind Christmas Shop. Find the Christmas Shop in the original kitchen and formal dining room of our 1780’s stone farmhouse. Set in this antique backdrop, the Christmas Shop is part store and part Christmas museum. Learn about collecting Christmas. Get ideas decorating ideas. Take Christmas photos. Just don’t miss visiting.

A large variety of antique, heirloom and vintage Christmas items fill the rooms. They bring back fond memories of the past, Grandma’s Christmas tree and what your parents decorated with when you were as a child. Expect to see rare and antique Christmas heirlooms and timeless treasures. The Shop is a must see experience.

The 18th century Christmas Shop is brimming with distinctive décor. Crystal trees, pine cone men, and pixies decorate the massive fireplace mantle. Discover Santa’s many incarnations, toys made of celluloid and wood, wind-up sleighs, snow globes, quality European Christmas ornaments and beautiful paper decorations.

Find vintage glass ornaments from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy displayed on the many varieties of trees we grow. We have Santa from all over the world, angels, music boxes, beaded garland, and Nativities. We display museum quality ornaments.

Collecting Christmas ornaments is a sentimental journey. It’s a trip down memory. Starting a collection for someone special, a child, or for yourself is a kind and wise thing to do. Christmas collections have real value. They produce sweet remembrances of happy times. You enjoy your collection year after year with pleasure and delight as your Christmas treasures increase in value.

Pay for all your Credit Card purchases, including trees, wreaths, and garland, in the Christmas Shop. Credit Cards cannot be processed anywhere else on the farm.

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Collecting Fond Memories

Collecting Christmas ornaments is a road map to fond memories. Starting a collection for a someone special, a child, or for yourself almost assures happy memories every year. It is one collection that makes you and those people around you smile.Decorating homes for Christmas is a very old tradition. When it comes to Christmas collections, there is so much to choose from!

Antique Santas & Vintage Ornaments

You’ll discover antique Santas and celluloid toys little sleighs & quality European Christmas ornaments are all just waiting for you.

You’ll also find beautiful vintage ornaments, glass balls, paper decorations and even farm animals!

Antique Christmas dolls, vintage ornaments from the early 19th and 20th Centuries decorate our massive fireplace mantle.

Take a break from the chilly weather outside and browse the walls, mantels, tables and showcases filled with unique and wonderful Christmas decorations from other times and from around the world.So come in to shop, warm yourself, and enjoy the beauty of these one-of-a-kind Christmas delights.