Christmas Shop & Museum

Christmas Tree Farm Dog on the Porch
The store is full of Christmas trees decorated for the season
The store is full of Christmas trees decorated for the season

The golden glow of Christmas surrounds you in our one-of-a-kind Christmas Shop. Find the Christmas Shop in the original kitchen and formal dining room of our 1780’s stone farmhouse. Set in this antique backdrop, the Christmas Shop is part store and part Christmas museum. Learn about collecting Christmas. Get ideas decorating ideas. Take Christmas photos. Just don’t miss visiting.

A large variety of antique, heirloom and vintage Christmas items fill the rooms. They bring back fond memories of the past, Grandma’s Christmas tree and what your parents decorated with when you were as a child. Expect to see rare and antique Christmas heirlooms and timeless treasures. The Shop is a must see experience.

The 18th century Christmas Shop is brimming with distinctive décor. Crystal trees, pine cone men, and pixies decorate the massive fireplace mantle. Discover Santa’s many incarnations, toys made of celluloid and wood, wind-up sleighs, snow globes, quality European Christmas ornaments and beautiful paper decorations.

Find vintage glass ornaments from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy displayed on the many varieties of trees we grow. We have Santa from all over the world, angels, music boxes, beaded garland, and Nativities. We display museum quality ornaments.

Collecting Christmas ornaments is a sentimental journey. It’s a trip down memory. Starting a collection for someone special, a child, or for yourself is a kind and wise thing to do. Christmas collections have real value. They produce sweet remembrances of happy times. You enjoy your collection year after year with pleasure and delight as your Christmas treasures increase in value.

Pay for all your Credit Card purchases, including trees, wreaths, and garland, in the Christmas Shop. Credit Cards cannot be processed anywhere else on the farm.

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Collecting Fond Memories

Collecting Christmas ornaments is a road map to fond memories. Starting a collection for a someone special, a child, or for yourself almost assures happy memories every year. It is one collection that makes you and those people around you smile.Decorating homes for Christmas is a very old tradition. When it comes to Christmas collections, there is so much to choose from!

Antique Santas & Vintage Ornaments

You’ll discover antique Santas and celluloid toys little sleighs & quality European Christmas ornaments are all just waiting for you.

You’ll also find beautiful vintage ornaments, glass balls, paper decorations and even farm animals!

Antique Christmas dolls, vintage ornaments from the early 19th and 20th Centuries decorate our massive fireplace mantle.

Take a break from the chilly weather outside and browse the walls, mantels, tables and showcases filled with unique and wonderful Christmas decorations from other times and from around the world.So come in to shop, warm yourself, and enjoy the beauty of these one-of-a-kind Christmas delights.

Earth Day Celebration

Food vendors for Earth Day in New Jersey at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

4-17-10   Earth Day at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm       (l-r) Bobby Saccaro, 5, from Phillipsburg; Joey Palumbo, 2, from Phillipsburg; and Mia Latif, 4, from Stewartsville, get a close up view of earthworms through a magnifying glass. Carmen Pirotte, from Stewarstville, was on hand to teach all about worms.        photo by Cathy Miller
4-17-10 Earth Day at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm (l-r) Bobby Saccaro, 5, from Phillipsburg; Joey Palumbo, 2, from Phillipsburg; and Mia Latif, 4, from Stewartsville, get a close up view of earthworms through a magnifying glass. Carmen Pirotte, from Stewarstville, was on hand to teach all about worms. photo by Cathy Miller
Earth Day Celebration Raises Awareness

Lopatcong, March 9, 2010: What to do at a Christmas tree farm in April? Plant trees, of course!

The familiar open green space at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, 999 US 22 in Phillipsburg NJ transforms for a one-day Celebration, Earth Day, April 23, 2011. Conifer seedling, ready for planting, are a gift to the first 100 people who come to this 2nd annual event between 10 AM and 3 PM.

The free celebration is designed to raise awareness to Reuse, Recycle and Reduce waste in our community. The plan for the day includes gardening information and planting instruction provided by the Washington Community Garden. Earth science educator Carmen Pirotte is here for the second year to teach about composting. There are children’s crafts reusing everyday wasted materials, hayrides and house tours. An exercise plan of fresh air activities and a Swap Meet to buy sell or trade usable goods are happening all day. There is also continuous showing of the movies “Mad City Chickens, about the benefits of raising a backyard flock and “Flow”, an award winning movie about our drinking water supply. Canine behaviorist Robert Hafer of ‘The Gift of Sunshine’, a 501c-3 non-profit dedicated to helping service dogs will demonstrate positive dog training methods. AKC Canine Good Citizen trials conducted by Jill Wright begin at noon.

There is even an Easter Rabbit and an Easter Egg Hunt and an Earth Day Art Contest.

Local non-profits are encouraged to use this Earth Day Celebration to showcase their activities and as a fund raising event. Area businesses are invited to display and demonstrate their ‘Green’ products and services.

“Earth Day is the perfect time for area businesses to inspire the public with ideas for conserving our resources”, says Cynthia Curtis, co-owner with her husband, farmer, John Curtis. “We support civic organizations such as the Scouts, church groups, service clubs and non- profits by providing a venue for their activities and a place to do service. Anyone interested in participating in the Swap Meet, or as a exhibitor or has a product or idea to put before the public should contact me at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm”, she adds.

Making Bombs on Earth Day?

Earth Girls have their day Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

Make seed bombs!
Make seed bombs!
Phillipsburg NJ, Mar. 26, 2011 — Make Seed Bombs! Declare war on barren landscapes, vacant lots, and abandoned or neglected property. On Earth Day, Sat., Apr. 23, 2011, at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, learn to make green grenades, organic missiles to throw or drop or scatter anywhere you want wildflowers and grasses to grow.

Seed Bombs are made of clay, fertilizers and seeds, formed into balls the size of a marble and dried. Citizen-farmers who want to revegitate the environment toss them onto the landscape. They contain all the seeds for a complete habitat. The seeds are already planted but remain dormant until released by timely rains. This cheap, low maintenance method of revegetation and agriculture requires no water, other than natural rainfall. Without plowing, seeds germinate and explode hundreds of sprout to rehabilitate vacant lots, schoolyards, local parks, roadsides, wildlife habitat and communities.

Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese microbiologist and soil scientist who is considered the founder of ‘Natural Farming’, inspired this simplified approach. He worked for over fifty years, throughout the world, implementing this beautifully simple method of rehabilitating damaged lands. It is commonly referred to as Nature Gardening or Do-nothing Farming.

Seed bombs are easy and fun to make. Children especially love to mix the ingredients and roll them in their hands. Since they are made mostly of clay they can be formed into many shapes.

For adults there is ample place to express childlike creativity and gain satisfaction in healing and beautifying the earth. Mr. Fukuoka, said “…. scatter them so innocently. Sow seed balls with a child-like mind whenever, wherever…. Give yourself to whatever you do one hundred percent or not at all, and do not doubt. Everything will be all right. Just spread seed balls and Nature will do the rest.”

Seed bombs have four basic components – mixed seeds, soil humus, red clay and water. Native seeds are mixed together, then in the correct proportions, the seed blend, humus, clay and water are mixed and rolled into small clay balls. They are dried in the open air for 24 to 48 hours after which they are ready for broadcast. It takes at least 10 seed balls, or about 1 per square foot to establish trigger points from which the vegetation can spread. Volunteer from Washington Community Garden prepare to make Seed Bombs during the Earth Day Celebration at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm with anyone willing to get their hands dirty.

Other activities planned for Earth Day are the showings of the movies ‘Mad City Chickens’ about backyard poultry and ‘FLOW’, an award winner about safe drinking water. “There is a Swap Meet planned where people come out to do some old fashioned Bartering,” says Cynthia Curtis, the event organizer and the farmer’s wife. “Barter services and goods for other things, with other people,” she says. “Its a great way to meet people in the community, to learn about their interests and abilities. Goods for goods; services for services; services for goods and goods for services, its about self-sufficiency”. An 8X10 space includes a table and costs $10.00, which benefits the Highlands Tourism Partnership. And there is an Earth Day Art Contest open to Artists in grades 6 to 12. The prize is an American Eagle Silver Dollar. The submission date has been extended until Apr 18, 2011.

The Twin River Rounders, 4 players, banjo, guitar stand up bass, mandolin, and slide guitar, perform around straw bales that give people a place to sit and listen. There are also hayrides into Perfect Christmas tree fields to learn about the 45 varieties of Christmas Trees growing here. There is an Easter Egg Hunt, scheduled for 2:00 PM and Canine Good Citizen Trails after 12:00 noon.

“ Come celebrate Earth Day on the farm. We are giving away Conifer Seedling to the first 100 visitors,” says farmer John Curtis.

NJ Monthly Feature on Our Farm

Antique Home Decorated for Christmas

The most widely known and respected magazine in New Jersey, NJ Monthly, chose Perfect Christmas Tree Farm to feature in the Dec. 2012 edition. The article, on pages 66 and 67, is wonderful but there is more to the story. A historic 1790’s stone farmhouse is decorated in Christmas splendor and the Christmas Gift Shop features rare and beautiful ornaments and the fabulous Mrs. Claus is here on Sat and Sun. We invite everyone who liked the article to come here to experience it all. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is truly a stimulant for your senses and a destination for your Christmas dreams.


Earth Day Celebration Grows Bigger This Year

Local Students at the 2012 Earth Day Celebration at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm
Local Students at the 2012 Earth Day Celebration at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm
Feb. 21, 2013, Phillipsburg NJ — The 5th Annual Earth Day Celebration at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm in Phillipsburg NJ grows one day longer this year. This year the dates are: Saturday and Sunday, April the 27th and 28th.

The farm is easy to find at 999 US 22, in Phillipsburg NJ, just 2.4 mile from I-78 exit 3. The celebration starts at 10 AM and goes until 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

The celebration focuses on eco-friendly events that include education and art projects, a Kids’ Zone, local foods, green vendors and products, and entertainment for everyone. There are a variety of displays and exhibits and endless opportunities for family fun. Mark the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, with this two-day celebration.

Hosting a program of activities the Earth Day Celebration features interactive, eco-friendly experiences, designed to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage sustainability. Throughout the two days there are educational booths constructed by local environmental non-profits and small business groups, performances by local and regional musicians, vermicomposting with Red Wiggler worms and gardening experiences, making wildflower Seed Balls and planting strawberry plant in repurposed containers. There are hay rides and farm animals. The very popular Drum Circle, where young and old find a common rhythm and drum together, is back. New this year is an ‘Act-out’ play written for Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, where children play the characters.

Earth Day organizer, Cynthia Curtis invites the Green Community to take part in this event. “We encourage anyone or any organization that works for the good of the Earth to publicize their accomplishments. Volunteers from youth groups, entertainers and anyone interested in promoting the environment is welcome to join the celebration. We are extending the activities for an extra day and need more participation from the community, than ever before,” she says.