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For John and Cynthia Curtis, the owners of Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, it’s ‘tree love.’ This husband and wife team run the 40-acre farm together. He works the land, planting shaping and harvesting the trees.

John is a director on the board of NJ Christmas Tree Growers Association and past director of the National Christmas Tree Association. John won many of 1st prize ribbons in state-wide completion. His trees decorated the Governor’s Residence, Drumthwacket, in Princeton, the Southern Mansion in Cape May and many other historic buildings. He donates his trees to Churches wherever he lives, and has done so since the 1960’s.

Cynthia decorates the house and stocks the wreaths and garland and Christmas Shop. She creates special events and celebrations. This year we open before Thanksgiving as a benefit for NJ Farmers Against Hunger.

Cynthia is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. She invites the community to Perfect Christmas Tree Farm to laugh for no reason, just for the health of it. From 10 am until 10:20 everyday from Nov. 25 until Dec. 18, Cynthia will lead a Laughter Yoga session. Everyone is invited to come and join our laughter club. 

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm is a small part of the vast William Penn Land Grant of 1681. The historic piece of land has always been a farm. Before Christmas trees, beef cattle grazed here. Exotic evergreens that are rarely grown in NJ benefit from the farm’s loam soil that is rich in organic matter. Farmer John grows more than 40 varieties of Christmas trees.

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm considers all aspects of the Christmas tree business, from planting seedlings to recycling discarded trees after Christmas. Preserving the rich land and the historic house is the Curtis’ mission.

Get A Fresh Tree From The Grower

A Christmas tree farm is the only place you are sure the Christmas tree you select is fresh. At Perfect Christmas Tree Farm you have the choice of thousands of common and exotic Fir, Spruce and Pine trees.

Take a Hay Wagon ride out to our fields or walk across the covered bridge to find the perfect tree to harvest or choose a fresh, pre-cut, tree on display near the parking lot, or take a tree that is growing in a pot, which is perfect for children and seniors. Whatever your choice you get a written guarantee that your quality tree will keep its needles until the New Year.

See our Greens

We harvest our own greens. We make our own swags. We decorate our own wreaths. You can have one made to order. Our 75 ft rolls of garland are made with white pine or cedar or a combination of pine and cedar. We select the garland for freshness, so it looks good for the entire holiday. For no extra charge, we will dip your wreath, swag or garland in Wilt-pruf, an anti-transpirant, which protects greens against windburn.

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  1. Hi,

    Your farm looks incredible! I was wondering if you had any pesticide free trees?

    Thank you,


    1. Guinevere,

      We do use pesticides. If we didn’t, we would not have such great trees. We do not have any pesticide-free trees, but we use them as responsibly as possible. We spray our trees in the summer to get them ready for the season. We do not use pesticides at any time that is close to harvesting or the holidays.


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