Christmas Season 2020!


Your health and safety are our priority. This year we are taking the following precautions to help protect our customers and our workers from COVID-19. We encourage farm visits during non-peak hours. Peak hours are weekends from 10 am to 3 pm.

• Masks are required when social distancing of 6 ft. is not possible. That is within the area around the pre-cut tree displays, the tree baling operation, the wreath and garland making tables, and inside at the pay station.

• The pay station is located in what was Mrs. Claus Cottage. This area will be clearly marked. The number of customers inside at the pay station at any one time will be limited to allow safe distancing.

• Please do not linger, in order to allow others to come in out of the cold and pay for their tree.

We sanitize our saws and wagons after each use and have hand sanitizer available for you to use.

• Do not visit our farm if you are ill or have had recent contact with someone sick with COVID-19. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone who appears ill, has a fever, or is not following our guidelines.

Mrs. Claus will not be here this year. We will not serve cookies or cocoa. The Christmas Shop is closed and tours of the Stone House are canceled.

Field trees, wreaths, garland, and grave blankets are available.


Nov. 27 until Dec. 23, 10AM to 6:30PM

CLOSED Mon. and Tue.

Field trees and pre-cut trees, wreaths, garland, and grave blankets are available.

PRICE LIST for 2020 (all prices include sales tax)

  • U-Cut Field Trees under 9 ft. – $75.00
  • Smaller U-Cut Field Trees located near the auxiliary parking lot – $54.00
  • Pre-Cut Trees – $65
  • Smaller trees and ‘near-perfect trees’ as low as $35.00
  • Large Trees Prices
  • Trees between 9 and 10 ft. – $107.00
  • Trees between 10 and 12 ft. – $120.00
  • Trees between 12 ft. 14 ft. – $140.00
  • Trees larger than 14 ft. – $160.00
  • Garland – $45 for 75 feet

Hand Made Wreaths, Grave Blankets, and Swags in many sizes, decorated and undecorated, price as marked. Custom orders are welcome.