Our Trees

Our name represents our commitment: to help you find the tree that’s Perfect For You. We offer you the perfect tree for your space, the look you want, and at a price you can afford.

You can choose and cut your Christmas tree or select a pre-cut tree or a tree grown in pot to plant outdoor after the season ends.

For those who like classic, traditional trees, we grow premium Balsam, Fraser, Concolor, Canaan and Douglas fir, Blue Spruce and Scotch pine. Want something different? We grow over 40 varieties of Christmas trees. They are here, in all sizes, up to 14 ft. tall.

NJ Christmas Tree Farm Map

Trees & Pricing

Pre-cut trees between 6-10 ft. are $52.00. Trees in the fields that you choose and cut are $64.00 up to 10 ft., except for our Pine and Cypress trees, which always cost less.

We have trees we grow in pots for $15.00 to 45.00 – they are excellent for small spaces, the children and grandma. They make the perfect, eco-friendly gift as they are easily planted outdoors and have an excellent survival rate.

There are short trees, and challenging trees for $20.00 to 35.00 and trees up to 16 ft. from $75.00 to 150.00. It is our sincere wish that anyone who sincerely wants a real tree for Christmas will have one, no matter what they have to spend.

Our Helpful Staff

Our friendly and helpful staff is here to help you anyway possible. After you select your tree, they’ll mechanically shake it to remove last year’s loose needles and any debris the wind deposits in the tree.

Next, they trim the tree trunk so it fits nicely in your stand, and drill a hole in the base, if required.

Finally, they send it through the baler and help you tie it in or on your vehicle, for easy transport home, all at no extra charge.

When you arrive home, you’ll be ready to decorate and enjoy your perfect Christmas tree. At Perfect Christmas Tree farm, our Christmas trees are guaranteed, in writing, to hold their needles.

Exotic Christmas Trees

Do you seek out the unusual or the exotic? Perfect Christmas Tree Farm has it! We grow rare Christmas trees for people who want something extraordinary. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm has several exotic species like Grand, Turkish, Korean, Nordman and Nikko Fir.


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