Our Christmas Trees

Our name represents our commitment: to help you find the tree that’s Perfect For You. We offer you the perfect tree for your space, the look you want, and at a price you can afford.

Choose and cut your Christmas tree or select one of our own pre-cut trees. We grow small trees in a pot that are perfect for planting outdoors after the season ends.

For those who like classic, traditional trees, we grow premium Balsam, Fraser, Concolor, Canaan and Douglas fir, Blue Spruce and Scotch Pine.

For those of you who want a different look, we grow over 40 varieties of Christmas trees, including the very popular Nordman, and Grand Fir.

Find trees in all sizes, up to 16 ft. tall.

NJ Christmas Tree Farm Map

Trees & Pricing

Our Pre-cut trees come from our own fields. Pre-cut trees between 6-10 ft are $56.00. Trees in the field, that you choose and cut, are $68.00 up to 10 ft. Our prize winning pines, always cost less because they grow much faster than other types of trees.

Find short trees and trees with challenges for $20.00 to 45.00 each. Trees from 10 to 16 feet are $100.00 to 175.00. We grow trees in pots, for you to plant in your landscape, for $15.00 to 50.00 each. These Christmas Trees are excellent for small spaces, grandparents, and children. They make the perfect eco-friendly gift as they are easily planted outdoors in the spring and have an excellent survival rate.

It is our sincere wish that anyone who truly wants a real tree for Christmas will have one, no matter what they have to spend.

Our Helpful Staff

Many on our staff have been with us for years. Describe the tree of your dreams and they’ll know what kind of tree you are looking for and just where to find it. They are friendly and helpful and eager to serve you, to help you any way possible. They know about our wreaths making and garland station, where to get refreshments and what time Mrs. Claus is in, to entertain the children.

After you select your tree, they’ll mechanically shake it to remove last year’s loose needles and any debris the wind deposits in the tree.

Next, they trim the tree trunk so it fits nicely in your stand, and drill a hole in the base if required.

Finally, they send it through the baler and help you put it in or tie it on your vehicle, for easy transport home, all at no extra charge.

When you arrive home, you’ll be ready to decorate and enjoy your perfect Christmas tree. At Perfect Christmas Tree farm, our Christmas trees are guaranteed, in writing, to hold their needles until the New Year.

Exotic Christmas Trees

Do you want a tree that has an unusual look? We grow extraordinary Christmas trees from around the world for people who want a different look. Perfect Christmas Tree Farm has several exotic species available every year. Thanks to master-grower, farmer John Curtis Turkish, Korean, Siberian and Manchurian Fir and many other exotic trees are available and they cost no more.

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12 Replies to “Our Christmas Trees”

  1. My children and grandchildren are planning to visit the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is the first time to your farm. I really like balsam trees. How are they looking this year? Fraser’s are also a favorite. Do you have a lot of them. What can I tell the grandkids to look forward to?

    1. Chris,

      Good morning!

      We are excited to hear that your crew is coming for a visit. The balsams are looking great this year as well as the Frasers. We do have quite a good selection of both. You can tell the grandkids that we will have free hot chocolate and cookies for them. They can also look forward to Mrs. Claus reading them a Christmas story or two. They can also visit with our resident love sponge – dog Santa Paws.

      Cynthia & John

  2. We were planning on coming Friday or Saturday, is Mrs. Claus there either of those days? Is there hot choclate for kids as well?

    1. Yes, we do have flocked trees, or I should say that you can choose your own and cut it and we can flock it for you. We have trees that have been flocked already and we will flock any tree that you choose, but it does require more time. They have to be flocked and then they need a day to dry before they can be transported. Flocking is an intensive process and it does significantly increase the price of the tree.


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