Exotic Christmas Trees

Exotic is not a word often used to describe a Christmas Tree unless you are at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, on US 22 in Phillipsburg NJ. Christmas tree farmer John Curtis grows exotic conifers from around the world:

“I like a challenge. I wanted to make this tree farm different for any other and grow trees no one else has, ” says John Curtis. “Many of these tree are so beautiful. The Korean Fir, for instance, has white on the underside. The Grand and Nordman Fir grows a natural Christmas tree shape.”

Curtis grows 45 varieties. He won a first prize for a Grand Fir, a tree that normally grows in the Pacific Northwest. Not so many years ago Fraser fir was said to grow only in the mountains of North Carolina at 3000 foot elevation. Now it is a very popular Christmas tree grown on farm throughout NJ. What used to be exotic is now main stream, because of the efforts of adventurous growers like John Curtis.

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm specializes in exotic Christmas trees. What is an exotic Christmas tree? Exotic (ig-zot-ik) – noun: a foreign or imported plant, or a plant that is not native and does not reproduce naturally
Many exotics can provide one or more of the following benefits:

  • Exceptional needle retention, foliage, color, density and texture
  • Desirable shape and form with little shearing
  • Insect and disease resistance
  • Frost and drought resistance
  • Aesthetically pleasing, interesting, and culturally educational

Perfect Christmas Tree Farms offers the following exotic species for the 2015 Christmas Season:

  • Colorado Blue


  • White
  • Austian


  • Leyland


  • Balsam
  • Canaan
  • Concolor
  • Grand
  • Arizona Cork Bark
  • Nordmann
  • Bornmuller
  • Nikko
  • Korean
  • Douglas
  • Fraser